Everybody Loves Italian Men

By Kate

The other morning I headed down to Pittsburgh’s Strip District. I was looking for a package of Egyptian henna, and the maze of street vendors and ethnic shops in the Strip is the best place to find henna- or saffron, Peruvian panpipes, knockoff designer sunglasses, or a cheap pashmina.

The Strip District is also a great place to eat and drink. For a few bucks your taste buds can be transported all over the globe. The men gathered on the sidewalk in front of La Prima Espresso were definitely experiencing Italy.

Judging from their accents, it is safe to say many of them were recently living in Italy. This was easy for me to determine because their voices were raising at a precipitous rate.

I love the details of this series of images- the tiny cups of espresso, the loafers, the cigar, the newspaper, the sunlight. The expressions on the faces of these men.

I was so glad to have captured a few moments of that sunny Italian moment on the sidewalk in the Strip. I also picked up a package of henna with Arabic accolades scrolled inscrutably across the box and a couple pairs of pretty fantastic earrings. On my way home I saw this sign, and laughed.

I do enjoy the Strip District.

You may not have time to sit on the sidewalk and have a pitched battle with Italian men this morning, but here are some more pictures and stories of the Strip District to peruse with your coffee:

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11 thoughts on “Everybody Loves Italian Men

    1. sweetridgesisters Post author

      Having the Strip District a half hour walk or ten minute bike ride from the house is definitely one of the things that sometimes reconciles me to the fact that I am currrently a city girl, and not a country girl. It’s great for visitors, too.


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