A Perfect Porch

by Kate

We have had a series of golden days.  The trees are turning gold and beginning to flame into crimson here and there but the air is still warm and soft and there is a quality of light that deepens the brightness of the still green grass. Soon the hard frost will come, followed by sleet and snow and a long white winter, but for now we have had a reprieve.

 On the street around the corner from my house, just below the Carnegie Library in Lawrenceville, there is a porch. It is a perfect summer perch for reading and watching passerby.

I love the fact that the porch is simultaneously very public and very intimate. It is a delight to discover it every time I walk by.

The cascading plants create a great deal of the effect. I particularly love this purple bean plant.

Walking by this porch always makes me grateful for the way in which people create beauty in their lives. It also reminds me of the good things about urban living- the intensive beauty in a small space, the simultaneous privacy and openness, the lush green set against concrete and wrought iron.

Perhaps I’ll ask the owner for one of those purple beans, and next spring start some blooming on my bare stone stoop.

9 thoughts on “A Perfect Porch

  1. Erica Gene

    The intimacy and openness both your words and images capture are an extension of the cultivator of this beautiful space. A wonderful and rare combination, often found, to great reward, among the hard edges and cement bricks of the city — its people and its architecture. This porch and the woman behind it are gifts! I, too, have been captivated by it and have found joy each time I have walked by. Thanks for sharing!

    1. sweetridgesisters Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind words! So glad to hear that you have also found joy walking by that perfect porch. I am inspired to create something better next year myself… -kate

  2. ocularity

    It is interesting that both urban and un-urban porches, if done well, have the same, immediate, pacifying effect, at least on me. They seem to have the same effect on dogs, as well. I wonder if that says anything about me.

  3. Red Dirt Kelly

    Kate – you know what I love? Your heart and passion. It really shows through in your writing and in your perspective of life. I’m encouraged to see the porch and your thoughts, but more so, encouraged to see there are “sucking life up by the very protons and neutrons of all matter around them” people. Great work!


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