Birthday Sister

By: Mary

The Feast of the Guardian Angels and Colleen’s birthday make the 2nd of October a special day to celebrate. If Colleen were here, I would bake her an ugly cake….but she’s not, SO I will make my post as a tribute to her today. Gosh, how I do miss that special sister of mine!

 When I was in Russia, Colleen sent me the photo below. She had it taken on Christmas Eve and the reason that her hands are up as they are is because she is pretending that I am on one side of her and Kate is on the other, like in past years.

Last year on Colleen’s birthday, she was the star of her high schools’ production of Oklahoma. At that time Kate was home for the week. We were able to go shopping to buy Colleen running gear and these stellar boots that she modeled in a broken down produce wagon that my cousin made.

Lovely right? Yup, this girl should be a model. She looks gorgeous in pictures. Heck, she can even model Wisconsin winter wear, complete with a little duct tape.

Instead of loading 20 photos of my pretty sister, I will just end here with the words: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Leanie! I miss you, Clare misses you, but we are super happy that you jumped into the river of life-

And that you are running with it:

Much Love,


5 thoughts on “Birthday Sister

  1. Pam

    Happy, happy birthday, Colleen. I am so glad that you are at UD, that Killian has great friends like you and Emma, and that we will get to see you today … on the blessed Feast of the Guardian Angels … and YOUR BIRTHDAY.

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