Sweet Adeline

By: Mary

I recently made a promise to have my niece and goddaughter, Adeline over for a sleepover. Well, this past weekend I lived up to my word. Adeline is a rather unique four year old. She is extremely tough, stubborn and particular (perhaps, that’s why we get along so well!). Being that she is so particular, she was insistent on bringing along what she packed in small 2 wicker baskets. Her packing included not one, but two sparkly pairs of shoes- one pair pink, one pair gold. She also brought her high boots to match the knee-high boots I had on at the time. A horse pendant necklace and 5 pairs of underwear were the other things she deemed necessary for the evening and morning stint away from home. My recommendation that she bring a coat was met with less enthusiasm.

At 6Am my niece woke up and announced that it was time to go ride Mars. I had to cut a compromise with her that involved waiting til a quarter to 7 to watch The Little Princess and eat a breakfast. This nutritional meal was complete with cookies, and left over chocolate milk and skittles from the previous night.

Later on in the morning after Clare was awake (Adeline really helped play a part in waking both Clare and James up) the trio of us left to ride my horse. Clare was very happy to join us, being that her other option was to help with a squash harvest that my Dad was looking for assistance with.  Below are a few pictures from the ride that the girls took up the lane, and to the Ridge History Park. At the park, I was able to try to get Adeline to become disenchanted with my Mars so I could lope circles in a nearby freshly cut field. This didn’t work so well because she is much more interested in four legged friends than  merry go rounds! What a gift it is to have a horse crazy stubborn goddaughter.


6 thoughts on “Sweet Adeline

  1. Jenna

    It’s so crazy to see Aurora’s little ones–I vividly remember spending a summer with her when we were 11 (me) and 10 (her), and to know that she has a posse of her own is mind-boggling and wonderful!!

  2. latebloomerbuds

    Well, I fell a it behind in checking in on my fav sisters, but now I am caught up. Phew! Sweet post Mary. I swear I never dreamed I would enjoy reading such a family oriented blog, but you girls are in a league of your own. I feel like I am getting to know each of you and the Slattery fam in general, and I am VERY pleased to make your acquaintances. Big hugs from Margie in Michigan.

  3. Paula Menn

    Mary…you are the best Godmother for little Adeline. As her Grandma, I can attest to your descriptions of her being quite particular. We wrote a note to Santa last week…you’ll never guess what she wants…a toy horse with a doll that can ride it. I am going shopping before all the horse/doll toys are gone!


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