Sunday Night Show

By: Clare

When Sunday night comes around, you won’t be catching us watching NFL football.

Last summer Colleen was surfing through our many channels (yeah, 7, actually) on  a Sunday night, when she came across a murder mystery aired on PBS. I came in to watch later on, and after that one episode, we were hooked. Every Sunday the summer series of PBS’ Masterpiece murder Mysteries were something we looked forward to with much anticipation. We get all dressed up for it too.


I’d show you a picture of me in my pajamas, but I don’t think we have any pictures documenting my sleepwear. Probably because noone in the house wants to see any more of them than they have to. I’m kind of a pajama addict.

But anyway, we hop onto the couch into our claimed seats and get comfy for the next hour an a half. This summer we didn’t catch many of the shows because a lot of them were re-runs, which is no fun if the mysteries already been solved for you. But of course now that Colleen is gone, they’ve started showing new episodes. Last week I watched Masterpiece Mystery by myself for the first time, and found that it was just not as fun. I didn’t have anyone to argue you with about how the lady in the theme song IS picking her nose, because what else could she be doing ? Colleen, you know I’m right about that.  James did watch a bit with me, but all he would ever say was “The butler did it.” Through all the Masterpiece mysteries, there has never been a murderer who worked as the butler.

But, hey, at least I get Colleen’s spot on the couch now!

Too bad tonight’s mystery is a re-run.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Night Show

  1. Lydia Jentzen Will

    I loved this – you girls sound like so much fun! You remind me of my own sisters. I can completely relate to eschewing football for PBS and for only getting 7 channels. Now as an old (boring) married person, PBS is the most watched station at our house. Have you seen Downton Abbey? Must watch.

  2. sweetridgesisters Post author

    Hey, this is Colleen here. I must relay that I watched a proper British show tonight (BBC, even!) in honor of our tradition. I can’t wait for next summer, and more murder mysteries with my little sister!

  3. Fred

    I’m sorry to disabuse you, my own visceral reaction was the same, which is what sent me googling, which is what brought me here, but touching the side of one’s nose is an appropriate gesture for signalling secrecy, shared understanding, collaboration. In charades, you might touch the side of your nose to indicate when a teammate has guessed a clue, or a co-conspirator might touch the side of her nose to silently signal agreement. Colleen is right.


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