The University of Dallas

By Colleen

A few mental notes that I’ve made since I arrived here at UD:

1. I’ve never had to stand in a 20 minute line for confession before. (Heck, at home it was just our family who went!  I suppose the Slatterys are the only ones who sin in Middle Ridge)

2. It’s easy to get into a debate over ancient, epic poetry anywhere, especially over lunch (Achilles is a big baby, in my opinion, by the way).

3. It’s a small campus.  And everyone seems to know my older brother.  Every single time I’ve mentioned that I’m his sister their reaction is: “Ohhhhh, RAPH!  Yeah, man, he’s awesome!”

4. My friends all remark that I walk exactly like said brother.  A good thing….?  At home my friends called it the “Slattery Swagger”.

5.  Being from a family with 9 kids just doesn’t get the same respect anymore…I’m one of many now.

If you hadn’t guessed by number 4 that UD is a Catholic university, I’m pretty sure you got it by number 5.

More notes on college life to come!

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