City Morning

by Kate

I recently had the opportunity to wander around downtown Pittsburgh early in the morning with my baby and a camera slung around my neck.

I may have mentioned this before, but I actually have no idea how to use a camera. I just try to find something interesting and aim, point and shoot. I am an Irish Catholic, so (like most things) this makes me feel guilty. I have hazy memories of my Dad with his big professional camera case, fitting and adjusting lenses and talking about the importance of understanding how the camera worked. Dad took pictures as part of his work as a journalist. He often set up the shot and then let one of the kids take it, giving us credit and ten bucks when it was printed. I gained the confidence to wade in and shoot, but no real understanding of what the camera in my hands is doing. I tend to trust the subject to do the work for me.

 Luckily for me, downtown Pittsburgh in the morning is pretty photogenic. I like the just barely gilded effect of the wedding cake of a building in the background, here:

The steam rising from the street…

The mystery of a narrow, cobblestoned alley…

and the sense that you can almost turn a corner into the past. It feels like you could sit down in this cafe and be transported to another era.

One where services at the church around the corner were quite literally set in stone.

There are so many enduring and beautiful details in downtown Pittsburgh. I find these doors incredibly inviting.

They are tiny and human sized, set against stone spires and grandeur and glory.

Pittsburgh is beautiful in the morning.

4 thoughts on “City Morning

  1. latebloomerbuds

    Way to go Kate! Why get bogged down in technical stuff and lose all the freshness? Having an eye for composition means a lot. Your Dad will be proud. I too love the morning when all is quiet, especially in a big city, before all hell breaks loose, LOL! It is nice you can feel comfortable walking around in downtown like that with your dumpling in tow. XO, Margie

  2. The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife

    Love it! Pittsburgh appears to be so rooted in American history, as short as it may be. I love the churches and the doors that you captured. It makes me wonder what Pittsburgh’s story is… I picture something like The Gangs of New York, but that may be my city stereotyping. I also wonder if it’s full of German descendents, like my great-great-grandparents, who came over to Penn and began potato farming. Predominately Christian Reformed, I wonder?

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your world – very cool!

  3. Jenna

    I agree–having an eye is the foundation. I always love your pictures, regardless of your technical knowledge or lack thereof. Yay for big, beautiful cities!

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