Autumn Bliss in a Jam Jar

By: Mary

After getting home from Pittsburgh the other afternoon, I went out to check on the raspberries and picked until dark. Tending to the two 60 yard rows is a responsibility that I enjoy. I like the thinning and pruning that it takes to maintain them. Weeding is not as much fun, but I don’t mind that either. However, the task of picking and making jam are what I really love to do. The silence and the sun delights me when I am lost in a world of my very own while harvesting the berries. It’s no joke that the berries plant variety name is Autumn Bliss. 

The process of making jam is much  less mellow, and much more messy. It’s a blood red and sugar textured messy!

It’s a bubbly boiling session of chaos, but well worth it.

I don’t really have an exact recipe that I follow. Though, the Ball Blue Book of preserving has been a handy resource in the past. However, they don’t give out any formulas on how to keep a tidy kitchen while jamming.

I am a big believer that when on a job, one should take an afternoon snack break.

My brothers are big connoisseurs of my jam. They like to take it to college with them. It’s a staple favorite in the house too. This means that I need to start making a lot more batches. I wish there were more rainy Saturday afternoons like today…

6 thoughts on “Autumn Bliss in a Jam Jar

  1. latebloomerbuds

    Only one of the Slattery sisters can make a post about canning delightful! Now, if I claim to be in college and in need of sustenance in the way of homemade jam would you buy into it and send me some? Or maybe if I offered to clean up the kitchen? XO

  2. Erika

    Mary, you know you also have to send some of this jam to Thailand, right? I’m waiting for it along with your upbeat comic letter!

    1. sweetridgesisters Post author

      And some of the birthday cake I am baking for James right now? Guess who’s on the way over right now? Fr. Hirsch! You are invited too, just catch a plane from Thailand. I so am about to send you a comic letter.
      love ya, mare


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