Texas Style

by Kate

This week, I am sleeping under a sleek curved set of Texas longhorns mounted high on the wall above our bed. The deep green duvet echoes the longhorn theme with an elegant cream colored design. 

Paintings of bluebonnets, cattle, and ranchers adorn the walls above sturdy oak furniture.

A spare cowboy hat is waiting in case we need it.

There is a saddle complete with lariat in the corner, just in case we manage to find and rope a wild mustang on the hot dusty streets of this lovely little subdivision.

And of course there is a tanned hide covering the wide wooden plank floor…

We are living in luxury in the gracious Texas Suite- the beautifully designed guest room at my in-laws residence in New Braunfels, Texas.

Casey’s parent’s fled California a couple years back. In California, they lived in a gorgeous home with a wall of glass overlooking the deep blue Pacific arching out to the horizon. When Casey’s father set off on one of his long voyages as the Captain of huge container ships headed all over the world, they could look to sea and watch other ships coming and going and wait for his ship to come in again. When he retired and his ship came in for good, they headed for the hill country of Texas. Casey’s father is six foot five, sandy haired, blue eyed, and a fervent red blooded republican. The rampant liberalism of California was causing his blood to boil, and Texas suits him perfectly. He bought a ten gallon hat, a pair of Wranglers, and a good pair of cowboy boots and is a model citizen in his new, adopted, passionately conservative, Texan hometown.

New Braunfels is a beautiful town, and although the temperature has soared above a hundred every day, we’ve had an amazing trip. I look forward to sharing my pictures of cool green rivers, small town main streets, and a bona fide Texas Dance hall with you over the next few days. At the moment though, I’ve got a date with a deep pool of water, and I’m about to jump in.

Tell me- did you go on vacation this summer? Are you planning to? I’d love to hear about it. And Mary Brigid, my sister, you had BETTER still be coming to Pittsburgh next week. I don’t want to hear any more nonsense about some trip to Kansas!

Love, Kate

2 thoughts on “Texas Style

  1. Jenna

    Haha! I love how you’re using the blog to make sure your sister visits you. That’s awesome–such an older sibling thing. Enjoy your vacation! We’ll be going to Alaska in two weeks to hang out with my sister Heidi and her lil’ guy, James.


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