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Writer’s Block Conquered and Wishful Thinking

Before a few days ago, I had written startlingly little poetry this summer. The heat must have made me slow to put pen to paper, but I finally came up with something that I didn’t detest the look of one the page. It’s not that I haven’t had thoughts or ideas to write on, it’s just that I’d yet to lug out my poetry book from the recesses of my bedside table. Dog days of summer indeed.

But, I’m over that month of writer’s block. And here is the result:

Dreaming Traveler

Postcards and maps on the wall-

Places that she longs to go.

She sleeps beneath ancient Rome,

surrounded by the streets of Paris, inked in pale blues and pink.

Barcelona, Firenze, Greece, Ukraine,

places to go crowd her brain.

The world is so big, she so small

Maps gaze upon her sleeping face, beckoning from her wall.

“Come see the world.”

It’s true; maps do line my walls. I’ve acquired them from friends, family, and even ripped them out of textbbooks in the case of the map of ancient Rome.

First off, there is one of my beloved maps of Paris, the place that I want most to go.  Although, I’ve recently given up on my dream of living there.  I just finished a book called, “The Sweet Life in Paris” by David Lebovitz in which Parisiens were portrayed as a bit….self-involved.  I would much rather live in the French countryside.

This postcard was sent to me by my friend, Jubilee, as she was traveling Europe in May, and is one of my favorites.

But, with a name as Irish as Colleen Slattery, I cannot and will not ever abandon my Irish roots.  After France, Ireland is my top choice for traveling abroad.

Although France and Ireland are my dream places to go, Italy is the one country in Europe that I have the most chance to go.  The University of Dallas (the college I will be attending this fall) includes a semester abroad on their campus 10 miles outside of Rome during the sophomore year.  So, perhaps one of my traveling dreams will come true.

I will travel the world some day.  And you can bet that I’ll take all of you along with me, through verse and photography (even if Clare has all the talent when it comes to pictures!)

It’s Okay To Not Know Everything.

By Nicole

Lately, all of these recent changes have brought me to a reflective state.  There are so many questions in my head and mild frustrations as I make this new world my home: “What am I called to do in this new chapter of my life? Why is my family eight hundred miles away?  Why can’t I navigate this new place? Why do all of these landmarkers have to look alike? How did this meal turn black?” In summary, I have been experiencing a few growing pains as I ajust. However, I have found peace amongst the questions.  I have peace in the knowing that it’s okay to NOT know all the answers. It’s okay to get lost on these county roads; might as well enjoy the view. It’s okay to burn a meal once in a while, Rob will eat (almost) anything. It’s okay if some days all I accomplish is daily mass, a cup of coffee with Grandma, one job application and a tennis match with the girls. It’s okay to not have an employer right this second, a decent job is bound to turn up. My current state of life is one of learning. Everything is new and requires some investigation on my part. It’s all bound to work itself out. With this knowledge and new resolution to not worry, all of my reflections have turned to thoughts of thanksgiving. I have many things to be thankful for. I’ll show you a few…

Though my family is far away,  I now have a beautiful, new bunch of sisters.

My relationship with my actual sister is even stronger these days. Possibly due to the fact that I am not in Oklahoma.

I am blessed with dear friends. Even though most of them are states away from me now. Except Mary, I am very thankful you are near.

In addition to my good looking friends, back in Oklahoma I have a wonderful family that I love and miss. They are an excellent support system even from eight hundred miles away.

I suppose you could say that I am pretty thankful for this guy too. He has been my host, my GPS, my roomate and a very gracious consumer of my meals.

Lastly, I am thankful for my youth and happy to admit… I am okay with not having life all figured …just yet.