Colleen, La Cinéaste

And action!

Okay, no, I was not the director of a movie, but I was the director of a play this past week. Clare is an incoming freshman at Cashton high school this year and will be performing in the drama club’s play, “Murder in the House of Horrors”. Her director was going to be gone for a week, and so I jumped at the opportunity to be involved.

I was in drama every year of high school, and as I have just graduated, many of the people in the cast were my friends. Due to my age and the fact that I was screwing around on stage with them just last year, this made for some interesting practices.

There were random crowns popping up on the heads of cast members even before we got started on Day One.

Hats of every shape and size (and nationality?)

(I just couldn’t resist trying some of those on……and of course I unwillingly dragged Clare into it)

A particularly beloved prop was this severed hand.

And this cane, a cane which I forcibly wrenched out of the hands of the actor pictured below. Oh, how I love freshmen in high school!…..not.

The week was filled with me pleading with actors to not turn their backs on the audience EVER!, supressing my laughter when scenes would go off the deep end, and me pretending to be an adult-responsible and in charge.  My friends knew better and staged a little anarchy.

I loved being around an atmosphere of theater again.  Being the director really made me realize how much I love the acting part of drama.  I’d much rather be up on the polished wood floors of a stage then sitting in the director’s chair.  And I will be.  Dallas has a great drama program that I am determined to participate in.  This director is heading to the stage.

And cut!

1 thought on “Colleen, La Cinéaste

  1. Jenna

    I always dreamed of being an actress . . . until I was in a play at 12 years of age, got severe stage fright, and sped through my bungled up lines at the speed of light. After that disaster, I choose to enjoy watching others on stage. =)


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