Catching Clare

By: Mary 

My little sisters and I have a running joke that Kate is our editor. This is due to the frequent calls and emails we receive directing us to “write a (or) “that” blog. When Kate was home earlier this summer, she saw some photos that I took of Clare, and directed me to post them. Well, it’s been awhile since she has been reminding me, so today is the day to finally put them up.

These pictures were taken one evening when I convinced Clare to ride over to check on my horse with me. We ended up going on a ride before a storm hit.

Riding double with her is not as easy as it used to be when she was 4, but it’s still good fun…and good photo shoot material.

 There is nothing quite like a 14-year-old, a tractor, a horse, and an approaching storm to attract good lighting and a sweet portrait.

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