Dazed By The Ridge – The Newest Sweet Ridge Sister

By Nicole

I am the newest addition to the Slattery clan. You have probably read a little about my wedding/the biggest change of my entire existence.  I am a product of the suburbs outside of Oklahoma City but now, to my surprise, I am living in St. Joseph’s Ridge, WI. To put it simply, this is a different world to me.  For most people getting married is a huge adjustment but for Kate and me it comes with more than just a husband and all new responsibilities. As my sister-in-law and I changed our last names we were uprooted from all things familiar. I hope you don’t mind me speaking for you Kate but our parallel lives are ironic to me. Kate- an independent, spirited country girl and Nicole- a content personality planning to always live close to the city and home, both realizing God had other plans
for us. The two of us essentially switched places, giving us a common ground on two different planes.  Kate now lives in the busy city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I am living in the scenic countryside of Wisconsin.

Though my life change was not foreseen, I am adjusting quite well to my new setting. Every time I get in the car I have to marvel at the landscape (and the fact that I only see another car every two or three minutes.)

Hello new life.

Hello new life.

Besides the occasional bout of homesickness, I am enjoying this new life of mine.  As I transition into a country girl I have gotten to experience lots of new things. Thus far, I have assisted in roofing a house, I have weeded cilantro with my beautiful new sisters,  I have begun to crave organic produce such as asparagus, I helped with a community barn demolition project,  I have taken up tennis, I have assumed the duties of Ascension Builders LLC’s secretary and I am learning to cook!  Sometimes I find myself dumbfounded by the ridge and the fact that I now call it home but I am on an extended adventure. I love my husband and he feels like “home;” my surroundings are slowly beginning to feel like” home” too.


Did you miss the Sweet Ridge story of Rob and Nicole’s gorgeous Red Dirt Wedding and Wisconsin Barn Dance? Here is is, in detail, with lots of pictures!

Our Red Dirt Royal Wedding

Red Dirt Wedding Part One

Red Dirt Wedding Part Two

Red Dirt Wedding Part Three

Red Dirt Wedding Part Four

Before We Dance

Petticoat Junction


6 thoughts on “Dazed By The Ridge – The Newest Sweet Ridge Sister

  1. The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife

    You are spot on in the last sentence – when your husband is “home”, you can live anywhere. I love how your new sisters embraced you with open arms (and included you in the blog)! Enjoy hearing from you all, and learning a bit about your lives. It’s almost like a book where each chapter is a different character, yet they are merge together 🙂

  2. Jenna

    Hi Nicole! I’m so glad you’re joining the blogging sisters! I’m glad the adjustment is going well for you–what a change. And I also love how you say your husband is home–that’s how I feel about my husband Adam as we’ve moved from Bloomington, Indiana to Newark, Delaware and now are in the bustling city of Chicago. Through all these changes I’ve never stopped feeling I’m home, and it’s because of him.

  3. latebloomerbuds

    I know this comment is late, but I am new to your blog. I am thoroughly enjoying the different perspectives that come from each of you and love hearing about the adventures of the sisters!

    1. sweetridgesisters Post author

      It is always great to get comments, and I’m so glad you are enjoying all the perspectives. This is Kate- I want Nicole to write more soon, so I will make sure she sees this!

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