A Republican Singing

by Mary

This past Sunday evening my Parent’s hosted a barn party. The focus of this event was to meet and discuss topics with our local state representative, who is currently dealing with some particularly contentious issues.

Personally, I coveted an apathetic attitude towards this gathering. This is the third Sunday in a row that something has been going on at the Slattery household. First it was a senior recital, then Colleen’s graduation party, and  last but not least, this party for the representative that I am referring who’s last name is: Kapanke. Besides baking for it and promising my mother that I would change out of my spandex leggings, t- shirt, rain boots, and ditch the hot pink baseball cap, I wasn’t altogether too charged up about this function.

By 7:00 though, we had a parking lot full of cars and a barn full of republicans. unfortunately, what we didn’t have was Kapanke!

 You may think that all of what I stated above would have put a damper on last night.  One would assume that my Mom and Dad are downcast over the glitch, but let me confirm that they certainly are not!

Recently, my Father has had a fetish with singings. You see, it is an Amish thing. Though I will not go into detailed explanation about Amish singings, I will include the fact that my Dad’s barn party ended up incorporating a “singing” session in.

With Kapanke being a no -show, he was able to capture Colleen and 6 of her friend’s who were over for an International Picnic that Colleen was holding on the porch. Within no time; this cultured ” International Picnic Club”  was out in the barn leading the singing ( AKA, patriotic American hymns).

After they escaped, Republican conversation ensued. I think everyone had a good time.

 The die hards got to carry on their one-sided conversation.

The International Picnic gang got to leave and talk about whatever High Schoolers talk about.

And I got to watch the NBA championship.

Am I forgetting somebody? Yes, I am! Kapanke. Well, according to Mom, he told her he was so upset over getting her messages inquiring about his whereabouts late last night, that he was unable to sleep more than a few hours… oh well, it’s his loss. After all he missed out on one heck of a good old Amish style singing!


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