Post Wedding Revelry

by Colleen

There is so much more I should be doing in my study hall right now other than a blog post.  But, I haven’t written in a while and couldn’t resist sharing this.  This is my bit of wedding nostalgia:

I loved the wedding, every minute of it.  From the rehearsal dinner to the end of the reception, it was beautiful and perfect.  But, my most favorite part of the whole Oklahoma trip was not the wedding ceremony or even the reception following (although I did end up catching the bouquet!).  My most favorite part was spending time with my older brothers and sisters after the reception, just talking and laughing out in the night air in a gazebo behind our hotel.

Being the seventh of nine children, I have always been considered one of the “little kids”, and that night was the first time that I did not feel “too little”.  I got to spend time with my older brothers and sisters and be considered, at least for that one night, part of the “older kids”.  This was an amazing experience for me, and like the dork I am, I loved it.  I went to bed that night feeling so very loved by all my family and loving them with a ferocity that surprised myself.  The poet in me knew that this was perfect fodder for a poem and so the following was created.    

Laughter in their eyes, green, brown, and hazel, all around me

It sparks against the soft, warm-taffy night air from mouths wide in smiles,

More precious to me than any of the brilliant stars that dot the skies.

The long, festive day is done, but the happiness, joy, excitement, lingers on,

Sweeter than the chocolate wedding cake that still lingers on my tongue.

The wedding finery has been laid to rest in heaps and piles on hotel room floors,

And white cotton shirts and jeans now relax upon relaxed figures.

As the night deepens, tongues loosen, and stories come pouring out,

faster than the amber liquid sliding lazily from glass bottles into mouths.

Words clamber happily over each other and fill the night with sound,

The best and brightest of all these sounds is the laughter,

Which spreads out from my brothers and sisters in pools of happiness,

In their eyes, green, brown, and hazel, there is laughter

And timidly, I join in, my own eyes alight and glowing in the knowledge of their love.

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