Red Dirt Wedding, Part Three

by Kate

The day of the wedding dawned bright and clear, and the cast of characters began to assemble in the back of the church.

Rob was smiling so hard I thought his face might split open, and actually physically radiating happiness. It was tangible.

His groomsmen looked pretty joyful as well.

Handsome group of men, right? They all wore yellow roses in their buttonholes. Yellow roses are Nicole’s favorite- if you’ll recall, Rob gave her a bouquet of them when he proposed.

There was a slight problem with the ring bearer. After an epic journey and a long rehearsal the day before, he was exhausted by the time the actual wedding rolled along.

He didn’t wake up till long after his duties had been performed by someone else. I’m actually not exactly sure how the rings got up there, but they did. Meanwhile the lovely Aurora, the first Slattery sister in law and mother of said ring bearer, showed up in a gorgeous blue outfit. I covet her scarf.

Let us take a closer look at the lovely baby Antonia Rose sleeping in her arms.

Please note Aurora’s spectacular shoes.

For the record, my shoes were pretty amazing as well- brown velvet with gold embroidery and amber inlaid- but there was no-one to take a close up. Casey’s mohawk was in fine form.

James was a server, meaning he was bearing a very large candle. I am not sure that he should be allowed to carry candles after his recent experience setting Mary’s hair on fire, but he looked like he was being extra responsible.

Colleen Rose was ready to play Pachellbel’s Canon in D on the piano and make everyone cry for the grand for the entrance.

And with that, let us move into the church where the bridegroom awaits…

At this point, let me ask you to forgive my firm decision not to muck around with photoshop and also the fact that, due to a squirming 13 month old, I did not by any means capture every moment of the beauty. The bridesmaids wore pink cocktail dresses and carried yellow roses.

They all looked gorgeous, of course.

Mary and our brother Gabe were both glowing with happiness.

My brother Patrick asked me to note that he looked particularly dashing and debonair.

Finally we had the Best Man and Maid of Honor

Followed by little Clare Slattey, niece and flower girl extraordinaire.

She did a lovely job laying yellow rose petals.

All was ready.

And in came the bride! Nicole was luminous in a tall column of fitted lace with an white flower in her hair and ethereal veil floating behind her in a long train. She carried a bouquet of blush roses.

Rob beamed and her sister cried (and I did not correct the red eye, sorry).

Nicole and her father did a lovely little do-si-do at the altar.

And the wedding began.

Shortly thereafter, I retreated to the airy foyer to wrangle my 13 month old Olympia, and we spent much of the rest of the ceremony on the outside looking in.

Luckily, we had lots of well dressed company including a pair of dashing young twins Olympia’s age.

And this little blossom of a baby.

And with that, I leave you breathlessly awaiting the fourth and final part of this series, coming soon- the Reception and the Dance! Till then, and thanks for coming along on the adventure,


3 thoughts on “Red Dirt Wedding, Part Three

  1. Jenna

    Everyone looks stunning! I love weddings–for some reason peoples’ beauty just shines even more at events like these. You look amazing, Casey’s hair cracks me up, and Aurora looks so beautiful as always (I agree about the scarf =).

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