Prepping for the Pilgramage

by Clare

One of the perks of going to a Catholic school is the amount of days you get off from school. While Colleen and James are stuck in their public high school for one more day this week, my school has given us an extra day off to honor Holy Thursday. Finding myself with nothing to do until my mom writes up another dreaded job list, I decided to write a blog post. It’s been 21 days since I last posted something, and my competitive spirit doesn’t like being behind on the number of blog posts each of the sisters has written. Of course, I could try to tell you that I had nothing to write about, but that’s not true. I could have written about the manicure I got as a birthday present from Mary (thank you Mary), or how it’s three days before Easter and there’s snow on the ground. But being the pretty lazy person I am, I didn’t. It seems all I can think about it is the upcoming wedding I am going to attend. More specifically, the trip I will be taking to get to that wedding. Being the kind of person who likes to makes lists and charts in their spare time, I have even assembled a seating chart for the trip which I think could be a very useful. You see, James and I, the two youngest, have been stuck with the runt of transportation to the wedding. The van. The horrible 15-passenger van that will be filled with exactly 15 people. If you haven’t already read it, go ahead and read The Slattery Oklahoma Suburb Rush of 2011. It’ll give you a clear perspective of what exactly I’m talking about. But basically, it will be me in a van with two elderly folks, mom, dad, my poor uncle who we hired to drive (he better be getting paid a lot for this job), my sister-in-law with her four small children, my brother, my 17 year-old cousin, and my other cousin with cerebral palsy. For 14 hours or so. Not including the trip back. Yeah.

I am generally a good traveler. Quite possibly the best in the family. I love getting to sit in a car for hours on end doing just about nothing. I really do. A moving vehicle is my absolute favorite place to read, and so as long as I have a few good books that will last me the trip and some Corn Nuts, the essential travel food, I am a perfectly happy traveler. But this trip, I’m not so sure about. There are just so many elements of it that seem like they could make the trip slightly…horrendous. But it should be quite interesting, and I’ll probably remember it for the rest of my life. And you can be sure you’ll get a very accurate and detailed account of it as soon as I get back. If I ever do get back….

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