Mary Had a Little Lamb


To me, the nursery rhyme Mary Had A Little Lamb has been such an annoyance. I have disliked that silly rhyme for as long as I have been teased by it, but I confess that the other day it was quite accurate. You see, I work at a Catholic school. My sister Clare is a student there. Perhaps out of resentment that I didn’t pick her class bulletin to win the Catholic Schools Week contest,  Clare  mentioned to her teacher something about my little lamb adventure.  Her teacher proceeded to invite me to bring  my lambs to school. I was initially quite reluctant.

I think that I am overly sensitive about the socializing habits of my animals based on the past. The first incident was when I was 7, and my goats managed to escape confinement and traipse across the road to St. Peter’s church just in time to greet a wedding party and guest spilling out of church after and exchange of vows. Ouch. I am still sensitive over that one. My horses and ponies also made it a point to visit the neighbors as often as possible after challenging my fencing skills.

Anyhow, I realized that I may as well take up the legitimate invitation extended to take my lambs to school. So on St. Patrick’s Day, I unleashed the woolly little beasts while out on recess duty. Initially all grades from preschool through 8th crowded around to see the commotion, and then the older boys got right back to their game of basketball. Soon all the younger children were chasing after the bleating babies. The lambs ran and jumped over banks of snow in an attempt to escape the herd of kids screaming and running after them. What a spectacle it was to behold with the lambs, children and boys playing hoops all weaving together and around each other in a flurry of energy and color!

Maybe that little nursery rhyme isn’t so off. Children REALLY do laugh and play and nearly run lambs to an early heart attack when seeing a lamb(s) at school. From now on out, I think that bringing lambs to school is a very good manner of amusing myself while on recess duty.

(Kate’s note: Clare took pictures, which will be posted soon. Check back for pictures of spring lambs at school.)

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